Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pinteresting Linky

It's Saturday, which means its time for another Pinteresting Linky!!

There is only 1 up with your favorite pins from the week! Let's get right into it, shall we? I pinned this idea because of the positivity surrounding it. The jar is filled with random acts of kindness that students must do if they have been unfriendly or unkind. Would love to know if anyone has used this idea and how it actually works?

Pinned Image  This year, I have worked to make the transition to the Daily 5. I must admit that its still a work in progress. I am always looking for new word work centers because I find that my students can become bored with the same centers. I love this Word Family Center and the organization is fantastic!!

My students love Homeworkopoly each is definitely an incentive for doing homework!! We also use Class Dojo and my sweeties love to spend their points at the end of the week!! This would be a great way to organize cheap/motivating incentives for both Homeworkopoly and Class Dojo. I find that more students gravitate to the no-cost rewards (i.e. teacher's chair, lunch with teacher, help another class, etc.)!! **This has been added to my summer list of things to do!!

  This pin was one of my favorites!! I love how personal this birthday board feels and students love seeing pictures of themselves in the classroom!! 

Last, but least...

Last week, I found my Game Show Templates pin to be super popular. So, I discovered this website that is sharing FREE teacher tools for your interactive whiteboard and the purpose is to develop students mathematical thinking...did I mention that they are FREE?! 

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