Thursday, February 28, 2013

Freebie Font Frenzy

Okay, Okay, its not really a Frenzy, but it's the beginning of one. A few days ago, I finally ordered some stylus pens for my iPad and they arrived in the mail (during yesterday's snow day), just in time for me to begin creating my own fonts.

They are FREE...I only ask that you comment below with your thoughts!! I'm in LOVE with them and I hope you love them, too!


Miss Cayer said...

I'm so curious how you create fonts using a stylus pen? How does that work? They look great I'm downloading them now!! :)


D. Frideley said...

Ohh I like print. I'm getting an iPad next week!!!! I can't wait to make fonts. What stylus are you using???

Jackie and Danielle said...

Super cute blog!!! We found you through Head Over Heels for Teaching's 100 follower giveaway! LOVE your fonts... thanks so much for sharing!! I seriously need an IPad too... just for fonts! LOL.
My sister and I are your newest followers. =)
-Jackie and Danielle-
Sister Teachers

Caralee DeHerrera said...

Thank you for all of the amazing feedback!!! I appreciate all of your support and your willingness to follow my thoughts and ideas!!

P.S. The stylus pens I use can be found on Amazon


Mandy Breton said...

Super cute fonts! I especially love the Teachanista Fancy. Adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)

Caffeine and Lesson Plans

Diamond Mom's Treasury said...

Thanks for sharing these. I just followed you on your TpT store and on Facebook. I look forward to your updates.
Charlene/Diamond Mom

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