Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paperless Planning

This year, I have worked to reduce the amount of paper I consume, as well as maintain. This especially changed when I continued to see mounds and mounds of paperwork. Also, I hated lugging giant binders between school and home. After the first month or two, I decided to find more ways to go paperless...introducing PLANBOOK APP.
My amazing (seriously amazing) fiance gifted me an iPad after supporting him through his Lineman Apprenticeship. I CAN'T live without my iPad now! When I grew tired of the paperwork, I decided to find an app for planning. The Planbook App is fantastic. One of the best features is that once you purchase the app and software, you have the planbook forever. I like that I do not have to continue to renew a subscription. Another fantastic feature is that you can purchase the app, as well as the computer software, so that you can use your home computer to plan and then access it through your iPad at school. This is a bonus for those of you, who are like me, and prefer to use a laptop or desktop for planning.

Are you looking for a way to go paperless? This app might just be for you. 

Here are some iPad screen shots and iMac screen shots (Yes, I am part of a MAC household):

iPad Screen Shots
These 3 shots show the week view and each lesson's contents. 

 These shots show the day view.

 In the settings, you can change your schedule and times.

This screen shot is what you see when you open the iPad app and you can link the file to your DropBox so you can sync your Planbook between devices.

 iMac Screen Shots
 These shots show the week and day view. The left side allows you display all of the classes or just some of them. The right side allows you to add your plans, homework, materials, assignments, stations, centers, links, files, etc.
 This is the month view (I rarely use it)

 If you need to share your plans with your principal, you can print your lesson plans and the components that need to be displayed.

 Sorry for the long post, but when I find something that may be useful for my teacher friends, I just have to share!! Stay tuned for a Planbook tutorial.

What technology tools do you use for planning?


Miss Cayer said...

I am in LOVE with this! I need to check it out, (I am a MAC girl myself!) Thanks for sharing!!!


Caralee DeHerrera said...

I am soo glad you found it useful...I have fallen in love with us!! Also, I am glad to have found another MAC friend!!


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