Saturday, December 29, 2012

Setting New Year's Resolutions

As teachers (or at least this one), I am always setting resolutions and goals for myself. I am constantly looking (aka pinning) new and better ways to organize, manage or improve my life, classroom, etc.

January is a natural time of year to begin setting resolutions for the new year...therefore, I feel I must link up with Teaching Madness and Teaching with Moxie to share some of my New Year's Resolutions.

I am really trying to keep it to a minimum, so here goes nothing...

Teaching Maddeness

My Classroom:
This year I am dedicating my time to improving my planning skills. I have great organizational skills and ideas for my classroom, but I am not always so great at planning my thoughts that far in advance. I would really love to make an effort to complete my plans 2 weeks at a time.

My Life:
My life is truly great, but I have really begun to let my house, time management, and relaxation go to the wayside. My true goal is to manage my time better. I would like to come up with a consistent routine for housework, grocery shopping, laundry, blogging, etc. I would like to prepare my lunch and school outfit the night before, as well as devote 15 minutes to picking up the house. I would also like to allow myself at least 30 minutes of quiet reading before bed time (The finance gave me a brand spankin' new Nook for Christmas - I must put it to good use). With the right routine, I truly think I can manage it.

My Blog:
Improving my blog is truly a big goal for me. I would love to create my own linky party, organize my 1st giveaway, and create an organized schedule for blogging. When I began this blog, I was overwhelmed with my masters program and life took over. With some of those milestones complete, I can now devote the time this blog needed!

Now that I have confessed my goals, check out some of my fellow bloggers' goals (maybe you will be inspired to put your goals into words, as well).


The Wild Rumpus said...

Caralee--great resolutions. I hear you on the organization. Sometimes I'm so on top of it, other times it's like a bomb exploded all over my life, teaching and personal. I found you via Diane's linky at Teaching with Moxie, so you have a new follower in me :)

Amanda Madden said...

Thanks for linking up and sharing your resolutions, Caralee! My teaching life truly changed when I was able to plan in advance!! I did really good at the beginning of the year with "planning" my blog posts for the week and that helped tremendously...I really need to try that again! :)

Here's to a wonderful 2013!
Teaching Maddeness

Wendy P said...

I am so jealous about your resolution to plan 2 weeks ahead. I can only dream of that one or maybe that could be my secret resolution so if I don't reach it no one will know;)

Good luck,

Collaboration Cuties said...

I'm with you!! I just need to be organized about everything with a consistent routing. It really does make a difference!! Once it becomes habit, it's hard to forget!!

I also would love to have a linky party and have a giveaway (what IS that rafflecopter thing anyway?). I have a lot to learn.

We are followers #32. Please take a peek at our blog if you get a chance. We would love new followers too!

Collaboration Cuties

Diane Hubacz said...

Hi Caralee!
Your blog is so adorable! Thank you so much for linking up with your resolutions. There is such a learning curve to blogging! But, there are also many wonderful people out there willing to help. I would have never got the hang of it without my teaching partner and BTFF, Megan at I Teach. What's Your Superpower? She has many blogging tips on her page titled "Blog Baby Blog". Thanks again for stopping by! I am your newest follower!!!

Teaching With Moxie

Miss Cayer said...

Great resolutions! I am with you about giving myself at least 30 minutes to read before bed each night. My NOOK seems to get the shaft after vacations unfortunately. Have a wonderful New Year!


Hilary Gard said...

Wow! Sounds great. I am good at planning, but not 2 weeks in advance. I do one week at at time. I need to work on the organization part! I found you through Teaching with Moxie's classroom resolution linky. I am a new follower! Happy 2013!
<a href=">Second Grade is Out of This World</a>

Stephanie Ann said...

I just found your blog through the linky party (I haven't linked up yet but plan to in a bit). It's nice to meet a fellow newbie blogger. I just started a month or two after you. If you ever want to do a giveaway..I don't mind donating products to it. I'm having a giveaway right now to celebrate 100 followers...I'm just giving away items from my TpT store as well as a Nordstroms gift card. I'm glad I found your blog and I'm your newest follower #35. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Stephanie Ann
Sparkling in Third Grade

Caralee DeHerrera said...

Hilary, I really need to work at the organization part myself! I was great at it until life took over. Its in my DNA, but I have to make it more of priority now. Maybe you can help hold me accountable :)

Thank you for becoming a new follower (I am yours too)! Looking forward to connecting more.


Caralee DeHerrera said...

Amanda--Thank you for hosting such a fantastic linky party! I loved your thoughts about putting your resolutions in print. The feedback about planning your blog posts ahead of time has really helped and I am hoping (fingers crossed) to put this into action this upcoming new year!


Caralee DeHerrera said...

Wendy--I am sure many of us have secret resolutions and I think this is a perfect one to have! I can only hope that I can continue this goal.

Here's to a successful 2013!


Caralee DeHerrera said...

Amanda--Routines really do make a difference. The challenge is about creating a system that becomes a routine! :) If you do end up having a giveaway, please know I am more than willing to contribute or help in any way I can!


Caralee DeHerrera said...

Miss Cayer--I am glad you like my resolutions. Now I have just to work to keep them :) I am looking forward to getting use out of my NOOK during the school's to hoping!

Have a Happy New Year!


Caralee DeHerrera said...

Diane--I was so excited to link up with my resolutions! The goal is to be able to keep up with them and share my success with everyone. You are very lucky to have a person to connect with in terms of blogging! I am hoping to build more connections this year. I will definitely have to check out her page. I am always looking for tips and tricks to blogging and a one stop shop is perfect for me!


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