Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I hope I win this...(Giveaway!)

Have you seen these?



 These are amazing and there are so many uses for these in your classroom. Well, Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter, is giving one away. Secretly, I would love to not say anything so I can improve my chances, but I know so many of you would benefit from one of these!

If you want to win one, check it out!

Here's to hoping your I'm the winner!


Amanda Madden said...

Just found your blog through the blog hop and I'm your newest follower. :)

Teaching Maddeness

Caralee DeHerrera said...

Amanda, thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower! I love making new friends and I love your blog! You have so many great ideas and I can't wait to learn more from you.

Kristin Kennedy said...

Just found your blog through the newbie hop and am your newest follower. I'd love it if you stopped by.:)
iTeach 1:1

Corinna Woita said...

Hi Caralee,
I am a follower of yours. I nominated you for an award--but maybe you didn't see the comment? I see you've picked up these awards in the meantime from other people. So, consider yourself Extra Special with triple awards. ;)
Here was the post

Come on over for a visit sometime. :)
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

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