Sunday, January 6, 2013

Introducing Vocabulary and a Freebie!

Our school, this year, adopted a new reading series -- Treasures Reading Curriculum. At the beginning of each week, I introduce the weekly vocabulary words. Since I was new to the program, I followed the programs steps carefully.

As I became comfortable with the steps, I was looking for a quick game that would be a little more engaging than the basic steps Treasures provided. Now wouldn't you know that as soon as that thought popped into my head, an amazing blogger would provide a fantastic solution (how did she know I needed another option?). :)

Clutter-Free Classroom wrote a post about how she introduced her Treasures Reading Curriculum vocabulary words. It was simple, quick and engaging. Her routine also allowed students to use their context clue skills. I highly encourage you to check out her routine because I am sure you will find it as useful!

For quite a few weeks, I used Clutter-Free Classroom's vocabulary routine. I really enjoyed it, but I still I found I needed to tweak it a little bit more to suit mine and my student's needs. That's when my vocabulary routine was born.

Would you like to know more?  Okay, Okay, here are my vocabulary routine steps:
I begin my vocabulary routine by displaying only the first letter of each word. I cover up the rest of the word with part of a sentence strip and a magnet. On the other side of the sentence strip is the entire vocabulary word. 
My students join me at our meeting area. I explain to everyone that their job is to use the letter and context clues to figure out what the word is. Next, I read a sentence leaving out the vocabulary word. For example, "Rose used a sheet to ____________ (separate) her room from the rest of the family." 
Students will then raise their hands to offer up a guess. With each incorrect guess, I reveal another letter. Sometimes, I will re-read the original sentence or provide the students with another sentence that might give the children another clue. When a student has correctly identified the word, I turn the sentence strip over to reveal the entire word and I read the word's definition.

As a class, we work through the rest of our vocabulary words. What I loved about this routine, as well as Clutter-Free Classroom's routine, was the engagement I had from all (and I mean ALL) of my students. With the program's simple steps, I was not really getting the most bang for my buck. I found some students sitting quietly, while the same students continued to offer up their questions and comments. Also, I found it to be simple to display and organize. It didn't require a ton of materials. 

For any of my blogging friends or followers, I hope this or Clutter-Free Classroom's routine offers you a new way of introducing your program's vocabulary words. 

If you have any tips or tricks for introducing vocabulary or any success with this routine, please don't hesitate to share! 

P.S. I mentioned a Freebie and I must deliver! I created a new Social Studies Unit -- Northeast Region States and Capitals and I wanted to share a little snippet (this is a technical term) with you...enjoy! :)

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Mrs Cupcake said...

This is a great idea! We use Treasures, too! :)
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